My prints reflect the way I see the world.  From an abandoned building to a funny little praying mantis, I see the challenge of capturing the essence of my subject.  Some of my prints are straight out of the camera, and others I have added textures to create the mood of how I envision the subject.  Sometimes I get really inspired and create a composite print from several of my images.   Regardless  of the creative path I take, it is all driven from the passion I have for photography.

I live in Thornton, Pennsylvania with my husband. Currently retired from my full time job as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. My favorite pastimes are photography, gardening and reading. I have been into photography since a very young age. Every new advancement in the field of photography has offered a great challenge and learning experience.

Mostly self taught, I have learned a great deal from other photographers and their works, as well as the internet. The greatest challenge for me was changing over to the DSLR cameras. I was very reluctant to try this new technology and put aside my film camera. When I finally gave into the DSLR, I was truly amazed. I quickly adapted to my new DSLR and have since bought a third.

My main focus in photography is landscapes and nature.  I love the challenge of photographing the breathtaking moments around us.  From the little hummingbirds in my gardens to the majestic sunset down by the beach.  To be able to capture a moment in time is exhilarating for me–it is my passion.

So, I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries. If you have any questions about any of my images, feel free to contact me. If there is something you like but would like the imaged changed in some way or mounted on a different medium, send me your request and I will work with you.

Just recently I have joined a program which donates prints to hospitals and clinics to promote healing. The website is www.healingphotoart.org/about-us/contributing-photographers. The photo I contributed is “Balancing Act 2”.  I am also a member of the Chester County Art Association in West Chester, Pa., Community Art Center in Wallingford, Pa., and Mainline Art Center in Bryn Mawr, Pa.