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While we explored the cave we did encounter some bats.  Just a few flying, some hanging from the ceilings.  They tell you about possible bat encounters prior to entering (we didn’t find out about the Aruba rattlesnakes until after we paid our admission fee!  We did not see any!).  After  we toured the Fontein Cave, we walked down a path to a small spring.  There was a little pond you could soak your tired feet in and have these little fish give you a manicure!   It was different.  They did not hurt when they were nibbling, it tickled!  Even my husband kind of enjoyed it.

After that we left the cave area and head down the road, passing a tiny restaurant for a snack and beverage.   We had a local dish, Keshi Yena, which is shredded boiled chicken, in Gouda cheese and some special sauces–it was delicious!  The  portion was large so my husband and I shared.

We then took a short drive to the Boca Prins Dunes

It was beautiful!  We took a nice walk through the dunes to the area where I took my WILD WATERS OF ARUBA and several other shots.  We did have a slight problem finding our way back to our car.  We didn’t think it was going to be difficult until we got our paths messed up.  So, a word of advise–it you decided to take this trip through the dunes mark your path so you can find you way back.  It is very isolated.  Next stop–Guadirikiri Cave!!!

Tune in tomorrow for more!!


Judy Wolinsky

Judy Wolinsky