So, you want to have that favorite photo matted and framed. You send the file to a reputable lab to have it printed on quality paper using high quality archival inks. Finally, you receive your printed image. Yes, just what you wanted! Being very happy with the overall look of the print, your next step is to take this beloved print to be framed.

The framer you choose is highly recommended through internet searches and friend referrals. Five star ratings-just the right company to frame the art work. You stop by the shop with print in hand. The process and products to be used are discussed. Archival quality mat board and foam backing board, the best, anti-reflective ArtGlass, again, the best! Then all the excitement dissipates when you find out the cost-$$+!!! You hesitate for a moment, think again about the masterpiece print that is about to grace your walls and decide, what the heck this process will preserve my print indefinetly!

Wrong-six months to a year down the road and you notice something strange going on with your framed print. It is your eyes or is the print actually buckling within the frame? Yep, that is exactly what is happening.

Why, you ask. Well, here is the reason. Temperature and humidity fluctuate within your home. When these changes occur, the paper, even if it the best photographic paper available, expands and contracts. Now, let us add into the equation the backing used in framing. This material also expands and contracts. Unfortunately, the backing and photo paper do not contract and expand at the same rate. When the backing shrinks, this will cause your print to buckle. Also that expensive, high quality glass will also play apart in the buckling process. If an area of the print comes in contact with the glass, the paper will react to the temperature and humidity changes from the glass and cause the edges of the print to start buckling.

I am speaking from experience, this very thing has happened to me. So, how did I resolve the issue. I decided to spend a few more dollars on my prints, having them printed on a 2mm styrene backing. I have had prints framed and hanging in my home for a few years now and they look as good as the first day I hung them. No buckling!!!

The prints I sell on this website and at my exhibits are all printed on this backing. I want my clients to be satisfied and comfortable with their purchases. I don’t want someone to buy my work and only be happy with it for six months to a year down the road. I want them to be able to enjoy the piece for years to come. That is why I switched to printing on straight photographic paper to the styrene backed paper. They may sell for more, but you can be sure they will never buckle in their frames, and you will get years of enjoyment from them.

Thanks for reading!!!