With the Sugarloaf Art and Craft festival behind me, I have to now start working on my next venture.  I have a one day exhibit at the Galer Winery in Kennet Sq. on April 9th.  One of my pieces will be hanging in Calista Grand, a spa in Chester County,  mid april to mid may.  Then I have the big Chester County Studio tour in may–I will share more information next month.

Sugarloaf was a learning experience for me.  I picked up a lot of pointers from fellow exhibitors and met tons of nice people.  Will I do it again?  Not quite sure.   If I do, I will have to make a lot of changes to the appearance of my set up.  So before I put out any more money, I have to decide if this is the route I want to go.  I love doing the shows, because you meet so many nice and interesting people, and it does put my work in the public eye.

Another great outcome from this show was I came across an old abandoned train.  So sunday, I brought my camera with me and started capturing some images before I went to work.  Having a strong passion for old, abandoned objects, I could not resist.  I posted the pictures here on my website in the digital art gallery.  If you get a chance take a peek!

Have a good day!  I will be back!