I will participating in this show in October.  It is the same week as the Delaware County Studio Tour which I have always participated .   Last year I did both of these shows but this year I had to make a choice.  The reason I went with the Haverford Guild show is all the artists are in one location.   I like to walk around and visit with others participating in the show.  I get to see some amazing crafts and works of art.  Another big plus is it is all indoors and I don’t have to worry about having to set up a tent outside.  Having a display of prints hanging in inclement weather is not a good thing.  This past May, during the Chester County Tour, a couple of studios which hosted artists outside had their tents flooding–not pleasant for the artists or the guests!

So if you have time during the weekend of Oct. 20th-21st stop by Agnes Irwin School.  You can print out this coupon to get $2 off the $5 admission price.  If you need additional you can go on their website http://haverfordguild.org  click on FALL SHOW INFO, then click on download coupon and print out as many as you need.

Hope to see you there!

Judy Wolinsky


CREATED A NEW GALLERY FOR MY MOST RECENT WORK. Stop by to see the Pandas and some scenes from a Cherry Blossom filled weekend in DC.  The weather was a little chilly and the area a little crowded but the scene was breathtaking!


Recently added some Panda images to my animal gallery.  If you love Panda bears as I do, be sure to stop by.  I will be adding more as the week goes by.  I will also be adding more prints from a recent Washington, DC.  trip.

Also a reminder all my prints are available in different mediums, metal, acrylic, wood, etc.  Just email me it you are interested!


Judy Wolinsky


Ah Baby Beach.  Hard to believe this is a man made lagoon.  The water here is only about waist deep and very calm, hardly any waves.  People come to Baby Beach because of the calm waters for swimming and snorkeling.  On the other side of the stone jetty the waters become wild crazy,  very deep and dangerous.

There is a snack bar there, also chair and umbrella rentals.  Baby Beach is located near Mangle Cora in Seroe Colorado, the south east end of the island.  If you are lucky, you may see a herd of wild donkeys roaming the streets, on the way to Baby Beach.

That was the end of our day exploring.  After the beach we headed back to the resort to relax a little before dinner.  If you are interested in traveling to Aruba and have questions, just send me an email and I will answer the best I can!

Thanks for reading about our day of adventure!



Judy Wolinsky


Judy Wolinsky


Before we went to Guadirikiri Cave, we backtracked a little and stopped by the Boca Prins Dunes.  We explored through the dunes which was a big change from the rough terrain of the rest of the park.  Inside of the dusty, rocky paths, it was made up of pure white sand.

We walked through the dunes to the coast ( about 5 min walk from where we parked).  The view from the ledge was breathtaking.  The waves were crashing against the rock creating large sprays of water.  

We walked along the ledge for a bit, just looking at the rough waters pounding against the rocky coast and all the lovely rock formations created by years of the surf pounding against these rocks.

Further up the coast is the Natural Bridge and also the Natural Pool.  We did not visit this trip but we have been there in the past.  These two areas are a must see and a jeep is definitely needed for a trip to the Natural Pool (take your swim suits and snorkel gear with you).

After our stroll down the coast (it changed to the rocky terrain), we headed back through the dunes to our car.  However, we forgot how to get back and did not realize there were other paths we could take.  We were the only two people out there so there was no one to ask.  It was a little scary because by this time we were very hot and could not find the path back to the parking lot.  So just a word of advise,  if you take this tour of the dunes, mark your path so you know how to get back to the parking lot.  We learned!  On to Guadirikiri!!

The outside of Guadirikiri Cave looked like and old cathedral with the different rock formation.  You had to walk up these really steep steps to enter the cave.  It is a self guided tour.  You walk a short distance through the cave and you come to the first dome shaped opening in the ceiling of the cave through which light enters.  We walked another short distance to the second dome shaped opening in the ceiling.  The formations and coloring in the cave was breathtaking.  Even though we did encounter some bats flying around, it did not take away from the beauty of the cave.

We left the cave and the park and headed down to Baby Beach!  To be continued tommorrow!!

Judy Wolinsky

Judy Wolinsky


Hi all!!

While we explored the cave we did encounter some bats.  Just a few flying, some hanging from the ceilings.  They tell you about possible bat encounters prior to entering (we didn’t find out about the Aruba rattlesnakes until after we paid our admission fee!  We did not see any!).  After  we toured the Fontein Cave, we walked down a path to a small spring.  There was a little pond you could soak your tired feet in and have these little fish give you a manicure!   It was different.  They did not hurt when they were nibbling, it tickled!  Even my husband kind of enjoyed it.

After that we left the cave area and head down the road, passing a tiny restaurant for a snack and beverage.   We had a local dish, Keshi Yena, which is shredded boiled chicken, in Gouda cheese and some special sauces–it was delicious!  The  portion was large so my husband and I shared.

We then took a short drive to the Boca Prins Dunes

It was beautiful!  We took a nice walk through the dunes to the area where I took my WILD WATERS OF ARUBA and several other shots.  We did have a slight problem finding our way back to our car.  We didn’t think it was going to be difficult until we got our paths messed up.  So, a word of advise–it you decided to take this trip through the dunes mark your path so you can find you way back.  It is very isolated.  Next stop–Guadirikiri Cave!!!

Tune in tomorrow for more!!


Judy Wolinsky

Judy Wolinsky


Just came back from another vacation to Aruba–it was our third trip.  If you have never been there, it is one island you should put on your bucket list.  Aruba is half tropical and half desert!   While my husband and I enjoy just sitting on the beach under our Palapa, sipping our cocktails,  we love exploring the wild side of Aruba.  We started out taking jeep tours of the rugged side but have since been renting a jeep and exploring on our own.  Navigating around the island in a little confusing because the roads are not really marked well.  Once you figure it all out, it is really easy to find your way, and you really can’t get lost.  The island is only 20miles long and about 6 miles across at it’s widest point.

This trip my husband and I explored Arikok National Park.  It cost $11/person to enter the park.  Even though they tell you you can make the trip in a regular car, I would advise renting the jeep.  Most of the roads are paved but there are a few areas that are on the rough side and were very bumpy even with the jeep.

While we were in the park, we visited the Fontein Cave ( which has ancient native writings on the cave walls and ceilings), Guadirikiri Cave ( which is known for it two dome shape illuminated holes in the ceiling of the cave which light shines through).  Since we decided this adventure after arriving in Aruba,  we were not prepared for the trip.  We wore sandals and we should have had sneakers on to navigate the caves better.  Needless to say, I did not go in very far but was able to get lots of great pix!!

I have more pictures posted on my website if you would like to see more.  They would be in the galleries landscapes, beaches and waterscapes.  I will be back tomorrow to relate more adventures from our trip!



Thanks for stopping by and reading, hope to see you tomorrow!

Judy Wolinsky


This weekend I will be exhibiting at the Agnes Irwin School, participating in a fundraiser for the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen’s Holiday Sale.  I will be there Sat. 11/18 from 10-7 and then again Sun. 11/19  from 10/4.   Many fellow crafters will be there exhibiting their goods.  Some of the crafters have donated a piece to the raffle, so you will be able to purchase raffle tickets for a specific item on display.  I have donated one of my matted and framed pieces, FEASTING, one of most popular hummingbird photos.

Hope to see you there!

That is at the Agnes Irwin School, 275 South Ithan Ave., Rosemont, Pa.

Take care!!

Judy Wolinsky


I started out with the image below

I duplicated it in photoshop, inverted the copy then I created the orb.  I decided to take this image again and add a severe blur.  I then changed the hue and saturation of this image to create contrasty background for my orb.  Going back to my orb image, I then cut it out and pasted it onto my new background.  Add some special lighting effects and shadows.  Here is my end result–RIDLEY ORB

Would love to hear your thoughts on my newest creation.

Judy Wolinsky

The Days After

Three days after the Delaware County Studio Tour and I think I am finally back to a normal routine.  It takes a lot to prepare, set up, and take down for a show.  I would like to thank everyone that stopped by Alan’s studio and also those of you who have shared your email address with me, I will be sending out emails with some special offers for you. Thanks to those of you who purchased some art work from me.   I am so happy to provide work that brings joy into someone’s life.  If you have time, send me a pic of the print framed and hung.  Would love to see how my work is displayed!  You too will be getting an email with some special offer.

Thanks again for coming out, I met a lot of really super people!  I enjoyed meeting and talking to each and everyone of you.

My next show will be at the Agnes Irwin school, Nov. 18 and 19.  Hope to see you there!

Thanks for making our tour a success!

Judy Wolinsky