This time of the year is one of my most favorable time of the year to photography nature.   Birds, insects, flowers, sunsets it is all challenging to capture the center of attraction at the right moment.   I started nature photography in my backyard.  We have a very diverse sample of wildlife coming through our backyard.  One of my biggest challenges is the  hummingbirds.  They  are exceptionally hard to photograph, especially when they are getting the nectar from flowers and not at a feeder.  Sometimes I sit outside for a couple hours and come away with unusable photos.  People ride by my house and see this thing sitting under a beach towel (red of course) with this black object jutting out the front.  I must look a little kooky to some of my neighbors, but hopefully by now they have gotten use to me.  I have managed to capture some really nice hummingbird poses.  These I have  hanging as decor in my house and I have often presented them as a gift for someone special in my life.


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