Before we went to Guadirikiri Cave, we backtracked a little and stopped by the Boca Prins Dunes.  We explored through the dunes which was a big change from the rough terrain of the rest of the park.  Inside of the dusty, rocky paths, it was made up of pure white sand.

We walked through the dunes to the coast ( about 5 min walk from where we parked).  The view from the ledge was breathtaking.  The waves were crashing against the rock creating large sprays of water.  

We walked along the ledge for a bit, just looking at the rough waters pounding against the rocky coast and all the lovely rock formations created by years of the surf pounding against these rocks.

Further up the coast is the Natural Bridge and also the Natural Pool.  We did not visit this trip but we have been there in the past.  These two areas are a must see and a jeep is definitely needed for a trip to the Natural Pool (take your swim suits and snorkel gear with you).

After our stroll down the coast (it changed to the rocky terrain), we headed back through the dunes to our car.  However, we forgot how to get back and did not realize there were other paths we could take.  We were the only two people out there so there was no one to ask.  It was a little scary because by this time we were very hot and could not find the path back to the parking lot.  So just a word of advise,  if you take this tour of the dunes, mark your path so you know how to get back to the parking lot.  We learned!  On to Guadirikiri!!

The outside of Guadirikiri Cave looked like and old cathedral with the different rock formation.  You had to walk up these really steep steps to enter the cave.  It is a self guided tour.  You walk a short distance through the cave and you come to the first dome shaped opening in the ceiling of the cave through which light enters.  We walked another short distance to the second dome shaped opening in the ceiling.  The formations and coloring in the cave was breathtaking.  Even though we did encounter some bats flying around, it did not take away from the beauty of the cave.

We left the cave and the park and headed down to Baby Beach!  To be continued tommorrow!!

Judy Wolinsky

Judy Wolinsky