Just came back from another vacation to Aruba–it was our third trip.  If you have never been there, it is one island you should put on your bucket list.  Aruba is half tropical and half desert!   While my husband and I enjoy just sitting on the beach under our Palapa, sipping our cocktails,  we love exploring the wild side of Aruba.  We started out taking jeep tours of the rugged side but have since been renting a jeep and exploring on our own.  Navigating around the island in a little confusing because the roads are not really marked well.  Once you figure it all out, it is really easy to find your way, and you really can’t get lost.  The island is only 20miles long and about 6 miles across at it’s widest point.

This trip my husband and I explored Arikok National Park.  It cost $11/person to enter the park.  Even though they tell you you can make the trip in a regular car, I would advise renting the jeep.  Most of the roads are paved but there are a few areas that are on the rough side and were very bumpy even with the jeep.

While we were in the park, we visited the Fontein Cave ( which has ancient native writings on the cave walls and ceilings), Guadirikiri Cave ( which is known for it two dome shape illuminated holes in the ceiling of the cave which light shines through).  Since we decided this adventure after arriving in Aruba,  we were not prepared for the trip.  We wore sandals and we should have had sneakers on to navigate the caves better.  Needless to say, I did not go in very far but was able to get lots of great pix!!

I have more pictures posted on my website if you would like to see more.  They would be in the galleries landscapes, beaches and waterscapes.  I will be back tomorrow to relate more adventures from our trip!



Thanks for stopping by and reading, hope to see you tomorrow!

Judy Wolinsky