New York, New York

This past weekend, my husband and I took advantage of the lovely springlike weather and the holiday weekend. We hopped in the car and headed to New York City. While the temperature was on the warm side, we didn’t see much of the sun. We shared enjoyable walks through the city and Central Park, visited family and hung out with our grandson. Of course you can’t talk about New York without mentioning food. We hung out mostly on Sat at My Brother Jimmy’s. Since my step son was bartending, we were not lacking for drinks. Just when we were about to order some food, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised by one of my stepson’s friends handing us a cheese steak from Shorty’s (a Philadelphia Eagles themed bar in New York). That cheesesteak was one of the best we have ever eaten!! Watch out Philly!!!

That evening we met up with my Stepdaughter and her family for a filling dinner at Banc Cafe Grill on 43rd St. Food was good and had a fun time catching up and playing with little Jack.

Sunday we were off to Central Park. Grabbed some coffee and a bagel from a street vendor and headed out for our stroll. I actually saw Kelly Ripa and her husband walking their dog. That was actually only the second time I saw a celebrity in New York after many, many trips.
After our walk we had an early dinner at Patsy’s. The food was awesome. The couple seated next to us was very nice and we shared with them a couple hours of conversation. The gentleman, Arthur, was going to be celebrating his 90th birthday this april. He had many fascinating stories about all the famous people he has met throughout his time in New York.

That evening we went to Times Square to take in the interesting sites and believe me they were interesting!! Surprising what some people will do for a couple of dollars.

The evening ended up at Limon Jungle for some Mexican fare. My husband and I ate light since we had already eaten. I had a taste of the empanadas which were totally awesome. After we left there, we headed back to our hotel with the crew. Our grandson has this thing about hotels. He was bugging his mom and dad all day about coming to our hotel. So after about an hour of jumping on the bed and playing hide and seek with uncle Jeff, they packed up and left for home.

Monday morning when we woke up we packed up to go home but stopped at the Waverly, on 6th Ave for an awesome breakfast. This place is my husband’s favorite New York City restaurant for breakfast. After filling our stomachs, we headed back to PA.

I have posted a couple of pictures I took while in Central park. If you have time, take a peak in the metropolitan or amazing waterscape galleries. That is where you will find them. If you are planning a trip to NY soon and you have any questions feel free to drop me a note!

Thanks for your time!