I start the creation of my orbs from one of my photographs.  I use photographs which display a lot of vibrant colors and ones that I feel will provide an interesting pattern.   After I decide which photograph to use, I open it up in photoshop and apply an “twirl” filter to the photo.  After that process, I go back into filters to distort and change things up using the polar coordinates.  When that process is complete, I transform the shape to a circle, add some light effects and then create the shadow directly underneath or off to the sides.  The latest orb I created, The Altar Orb, I put the orb on a textured background and it gave the print a 3D look.

I have a lot of fun creating the orbs from my photos.  Some of my clients have requested certain colors for the orb which is a challenge I readily accept.  I love being creative, changing things up to surprise my clients!

Be sure to stop by the Orb gallery and check out “THE ALTAR ORB.”

Be back soon!!