Baltimore Harbor




BALTIMORE HARBOR was taken on one of many of our trips to Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland. The historic Baltimore Harbor has been a major seaport in the U.S., since the 18th century. Economic decline during the mid 20th century led many old seaports became focal points to reconnect cities with their waterfront, developing space for business, lodging, restaurants and shopping. In the 1950’s freight and passenger usage of the Inner Harbor was stopped. Open, grass-covered spaces and parkland areas were developed and used for recreational purposes and occasional large events These areas began to replace rotting warehouses and piers, changing the look of the Inner Harbor. Gradually it was transformed into award winning parks, plazas opening the way for large hotels, restaurants, and leisure area. This harbor has become the model for urban renaissance around the world.
As of today, the harbor is in the middle of another revamping of the area. If you do travel to the Baltimore Harbor, don’t forget to browse through Fell”s Point which is just a few steps away. Also, for some good eats–Little Italy is a must!

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