Birds-Madame Cardinal




MADAME CARDINAL was hanging out in my backyard waiting her turn at the feeder. Being so mesmerized by the vibrant red color of the male cardinals, I never realized the beauty of the female. A variation of colors make up her plumage; tans,browns red,yellow,black. Nothing blah about this little avian!! The birds fly by so fast and hardly sit long enough to have their picture taken, let alone a close up!
Cardinals are very common in the Pennsylvania area. They grace our yards year round. Their main food is seed, berries and insects. In the spring the female will lay 3-4 bluish or greenish white egg marked with brown, purple and gray. Incubation is not mainly by mom. Eggs hatch around 12-14 days and the young are fed by both parents. The little one leave the nest around 9-11 days after hatching. The Cardinals have 2-3 broods each year. Cardinals mate for life.

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