Gardenia-Vintage White




Gardenia-Vintage White is one of the many houseplants I have growing in my house. For years, I have purchased these challenging plants but I have never had much success with them. The plants always died before they ever had a chance to bloom. After all these years I have finally found the secret to growing gardenias in my house. I give it a pint of water daily! Not only has the plant thrived (tripled in size), I had 7 lovely blooms!! I was in heaven! The only drawback to this thriving plant was it grew so fast it was getting a little leggy, it was in need of a good pruning. I knew this but I had a decision to make. This new growth had buds starting to form-about 20, so I had to decide to let them go and bloom or cut the plant back. So I cut it back reluctantly, but I am now happy I did. I have new growth where I pruned, and the plant has a more appealing shape.

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