Hummingbirds-Enjoying The Start of Fall




HUMMINGBIRD-ENJOYING THE START OF FALL- one of the many hummingbirds that frequent my backyard gardens in Thornton, Pa. These ruby throated hummingbirds tend to migrate to Central America, Mexico and Florida for the winter. Late spring they head back to the Eastern United States to breed.
The adult hummingbirds are solitary, they do not socialize with other hummingbirds other than to breed. The female builds the nest and takes care of the young. They usually have two broods a season. For their size, they are very aggressive. Not only will they chase other hummingbirds out of their established territory, I have seen them chase other birds, twice their size away from feeders. Even though I know they are not being nice to each other, I enjoy watching them race around the yard, chirping away!

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