Philadelphia-Market Street Bridge From JFK Blvd vintage




MARKET STREET BRIDGE FROM JFK BLVD was taken while taking a walk through Philadelphia one balmy day this fall. This Market St. bridge is the fifth bridge built in 1932. The four eagle statues at the east and west approach were donated to the City of Philadelphia by the Pennsylvania Railroad when Penn Station in NY was demolished.
The first Market St Bridge was named the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge. It was made from wood and built and designed by Timothy Palmer, completed in 1805. When it was scheduled to open for travel, the president of the bridge company decided to have it enclosed to protect the bridge, hoping to increase the lifespan of the bridge. Palmer enclosed the bridge and the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge become the first covered bridge in America. It was also the first bridge to cross a major American river having regular masonry piers in deep water. In 1850, the bridge was destroyed by fire. The second and third wooden bridges did not last as long as the first but met the same fate. The fourth bridge had three spans and a wrought iron cantilever. So many times I have crossed this bridge or the blvd, never realizing the history surrounding this concrete structure.

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