Sea Stars




SEA STARS was spotted on a trip to the Cayman Island when we took a day trip to Starfish Point. The Star fish as it is commonly known, is not really a fish, it is an echinoderm, and also called a Sea Star. They have a central disc and five arms, they are marine invertebrates. They have tube feet and a mouth at the center on the underneath side of their body. When you hold them on the palm of your hand you can feel the suction of the feet. They must be kept in the water, if not they will die. Most species can regenerate lost of damaged arms and can also shed an arm as a means of defense. It reaches maturity at 5 years and the maximum lifespan has been recorded at 34 years of age.
Seven Mile Beach is the popular beach on Grand Cayman Island. It is a crescent shaped strip of beach that actually measures around 6 miles. Due to the annual erosion, the beach has dwindled in length. Seven Mile Beach has been voted one of the best Caribbean Beaches, year after year. It is a public beach, so if you have the energy, you can walk from one end to the other. January starts the high season and from what I hear from the locals, the beaches are bare during the summer months. Too hot and the threat of hurricanes keep tourist away. Hurricane Ivan hit the island in 2004 destroying many of the hotels along the beach. Looking at the area today, you would never know there such devastation. The area is totally rebuilt.
When you get to Grand Cayman, there is plenty to do besides sunbathing and walking the beach. There are many great restaurants from very upscale to local. Snorkeling is great right off the beach if you are not the adventurous type to go out to the reefs. Diving at shipwrecks or the reefs and many other water sports. Take a day trip and explore the island. Although driving on the left seemed like a challenge, it was fairly easy to adjust to.

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