Summers End at French Creek




SUMMER’S END AT FRENCH CREEK was taken in the fall as I was searching the park for nice areas to an engagement photo shoot. French Creek is located in both Berks and Chester Counties, in Pennsylvania. It is a 7,526 acre state park. The park is the home of two lakes: Hopewell Lake, a 68-acre which is a warm water lake, and Scotts Run Lake, a 22-acre a cold water lake. In 1771, the vastly wooded area was the home of the American chestnut. The trees were cleared to make charcoal to feed the iron furnace, Hopewell. The forest were regrown for 25 years then cleared. This cycle was repeated for 112 years while the furnace was in operation. The damage done to the ecology of the area had a long lasting effect. The Civilian Conservation Corps created during the Great Depression by President Roosevelt was called in by the Gov. of Pennsylvania to help reclaim the land. Today, due to their hard work, there are maple, oak and hardwood trees through out the park. They also established several tent camping areas, two small dams and lakes, two group camps, picnic areas, and extensive roads and trails throughout the park. They also began the restoration of the historic Hopewell Furnace, which is registered National Historic site. This park is a great place to visit anytime of the year. There are some campsites open all year. French Creek State Park is a great recreational spot for all.

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