West Chester-Abandoned Farm House




West Chester-Abandoned Farm House. I have a passion for photographing abandoned buildings. They always tell a story. This building no longer exists. It was torn down as part of a new retirement community which is in the process of being built. The property is part of Greystone Hall, an English country estate built in 1907 for Philip M. Sharples, inventor and manufacturer of the Sharples Tubular Cream Separator, which separated the rich butter fat from raw milk. The machines were manufactured here in West Chester and also in Germany. Mr. Sharles purchased almost a 1000 acres of land. Due to mounting debt the property was foreclosed during the Great Depression. Parcels of land were sold off, little by little. In 1942, Greystone Hall and the remaining five hundred acres was purchased by Aram K. Jerrehian of Philadelphia, an importer of oriental rugs. In 2001 the Jerrehian family fought with the West Chester School District in an attempted eminent domain take over of approximately 100+ acres for a new high school. The Jerrehian family fought by applying for an Agricultural Area Security protection in the township, claiming the area was being used for the cultivation of crops. After winning the battle with the township, the owners sold off about 400acres to a developer to build over 500 luxury homes and estates. So sad. Fortunately, as of now the mansion was not included in the sale and the Jerrehian family still have ownership and continue to rent out the property as an event venue.

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